An X-ray images database for you to use in medical simulations, case discussions and lab lessons. If you have images to share with the simulation community, drop us a note here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thumbnails are low-res images. Use download button to save high-quality files without label and watermark. More thumbnails coming soon.

1. Aortic Dissection X-ray (subtle)

2. Breast X-ray (normal)

3. Cardiomegaly X-ray

3a. Cardiomegaly (mild)

3b. Cardiomegaly (mild, lateral)

3c. Cardiomegaly (moderate, lateral)

3d. Cardiomegaly (moderate)

3e. Cardiomegaly (severe, lateral)

3f. Cardiomegaly (severe)

4. Femoral Fracture X-ray

4a. Femoral Fracture #1

4b. Femoral Fracture #2

4c. Femoral Fracture #3

4d. Femoral Fracture #4

4e. Femoral Fracture #5

5. Femur Fracture X-ray

5a. Femur Fracture #1

5b. Femur Fracture #2

6. Flail Chest X-ray (ett)

7. Fluid Levels X-ray

7a. Fluid Levels Bilateral (moderate)

7b. Fluid Levels Bilateral (moderate, lateral)

7c. Fluid Levels Leftside (mild)

7d. Fluid Levels Leftside (mild, lateral)

7e. Fluid Levels Leftside (moderate)

7f. Fluid Levels Leftside (severe, lateral)

7g. Fluid Levels Leftside (moderate, lateral)

7h. Fluid Levels Leftside (severe)

7i. Fluid Levels Rightside (moderate)

7j. Fluid Levels Rightside (moderate, lateral)

8. Hip Fracture X-ray

8a. Hip Fracture

8b. Hip Fracture (lateral)

9. Hip Subluxation X-ray

10. Humerus Fracture X-ray

10a. Humerus Fracture

10b. Humerus Fracture (lateral)

11. Normal Chest X-ray

11a. Normal Chest #1

11b. Normal Chest #1 (lateral)

11c. Normal Chest #2

11d. Normal Chest #2 (lateral)

11e. Normal Chest #3

12. Normal Pelvis X-ray

13. Pelvis Fracture X-ray

13a. Pelvis Fracture #1

13b. Pelvis Fracture #2

13c. Pelvis Fracture #3

14. Pericardial Tamponade X-ray

15. PICC Line X-ray

15a. PICC Line #1

15b. PICC Line #2

16. Pleural Empyema X-ray

16a. Pleural Empyema – Frontal

16b. Pleural Empyema – Lateral

17. Pneumonia X-ray

17a. Pneumonia Bilateral (diffuse)

17b. Pneumonia Bilateral (diffuse, lateral)

17c. Pneumonia Bilateral Segmental

17d. Pneumonia Bilateral Segmental (lateral)

17e. Pneumonia Leftside Segmental

17f. Pneumonia Leftside Segmental (lateral)

17g. Pneumonia Rightside Diffuse

17h. Pneumonia Rightside Diffuse (lateral)

17l. Pneumonia Rightside Segmental #1

17j. Pneumonia Rightside Segmental (lateral) #1

17m. Pneumonia Rightside Segmental #2

17k. Pneumonia Rightside Segmental (lateral) #2

18. Pneumoperitonium X-ray

19. Pneumothorax X-ray

19a. Pneumothorax

19b. Pneumothorax (mild)

19c. Pneumothorax (moderate)

19d. Pneumothorax (severe, ett and chest tube)

19e. Pneumothorax (severe) #1

19f. Pneumothorax (severe) #2

19g. Pneumothorax Lateral (severe)

20. Pulmonary Edema X-ray

20a. Pulmonary Edema (mild)

20b. Pulmonary Edema (mild, lateral)

20c. Pulmonary Edema (moderate) #1

20d. Pulmonary Edema (moderate) #2

20e. Pulmonary Edema (moderate, lateral)

20f. Pulmonary Edema (severe)

20g. Pulmonary Edema (severe, ett)

21. Right Upper Lobe X-ray (female)

If you have X-Ray images to share with the simulation community, drop a note here

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