An image database of clinical conditions and case presentations for you to use in medical simulations, case discussions and lab lessons. Thumbnails Coming Soon.

1. Abscess On Buttock

2. Anaphylaxis Skin Rash #1

3. Anaphylaxis Skin Rash #2

4. Burn – Face, Arm and Shoulder of Child

5. Chest Laceration

6. Elbow Dislocation – Posterior

7. Foot Ulcer – Infected

8. Gun Shot – Abdominal #1

9. Gun Shot – Abdominal #2

10. Gun Shot – Flank and Abdomen

11. Gun Shot – Right Upper Quadrant

12. Hand Trauma

13. Humerus Fracture

14. Hypopyon

15. Knee Dislocation

16. Macular Rash

17. Minor Forearm Burn

18. Neck Laceration

19. Seat Belt Sign With Sternal Fracture

20. Spider Bite

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