Downloads, links and ‘how to’ videos to help you master moulage – the art of applying mock injuries that add realism to medical simulations.


2. Industry Links Related To Moulage Supplies

3. ‘How To’ Moulage Videos

FX MAKEUP SERIES: Flesh Eating Bacteria – Moulage
FX Makeup Series: Acid Burns – Moulage
How to Simulate a Burn Wound – Moulage
FX MAKEUP SERIES: First Degree Burn (Sunburn) – Moulage
FX MAKEUP SERIES: How to Fake Bruises With Makeup – Moulage
Glass Debris Wound Special Effects Makeup Tutorial – Moulage
Bruise Tutorial Part 1 – Halloween Special Effects Makeup Fx – Moulage
Bone Break, Compound Fracture, DIY Tutorial : Backyard FX – Moulage
Special Effects Makeup Tutorial: Fake Cut Using Silicone Rubber – Moulage
Scissor Effect Tutorial – Moulage

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