An ultrasound videos database for you to use in medical simulations, case discussions and lab lessons.

1. Ultrasound – Cardiac Normal (360p)

2. Ultrasound – Fast Normal – ruq (480p)

3. Ultrasound – Cardiac Tamponade (720p)

4. Ultrasound – Fast Free Fluid – ruq (360p)

5. Ultrasound – Fast Free Fluid – ruq (subtle) (480p)

6. Ultrasound – Aorta – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (360p)


Use a video player (in full-screen mode) that will loop the video – We recommend VLC player. If you are using VLC don’t forget to disable the title being displayed (Tools – Preferences – Subtitles and OSD – uncheck the ‘show media title on video start’ box).

7. Edus2 Ultrasounds

Download all the Edus2 ultrasounds here.

Huge credit to Paul Kulyk and Paul Olszynski for this creation.

The edus2 is an open-source tool that integrates ultrasound into existing simulation suites at a fraction of the cost of commercially available systems – or if you already have a screen available in your sim centre you could just use a ‘dummy’ ultrasound and play the applicable ultrasound video.

Here is a list of the ultrasound files included:

If you have ultrasound videos to share with the simulation community, drop a note here

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