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Announcement – Website Migration


We are migrating the website ‘theSimTech’ to a newer experience that provides the same site structure with an improved user experience. So, if you are reading this post, we’ve done it! Browse around and let us know if you spot bugs or errors. Send us suggestions and recommendations via the Contact page.

About ‘theSimTech’

Healthcare Simulation Middle East owns and manages ‘theSimTech’ since 2024. Andy Howes founded and built it in 2013 because he observed a gap in access to free resources that are related to healthcare simulation.

Who is ‘theSimTech’ for?

‘theSimTech’ is an online resource for anyone that is involved in health professions education. This includes healthcare educators, medical simulation professionals, health professions faculty, healthcare simulation center operations specialists, technicians, assistants and coordinators.

Scope of Medical Simulation in Healthcare Education

Medical simulation, also termed as healthcare simulation or clinical simulation, adds value to traditional healthcare education by creating a safe space for learners to make mistakes. This is achieved through technologies and modalities such as Virtual Reality, Anatomy Software, Virtual Patients, Audio-Visual Technology, Task Trainers, Human Patient Simulators, Standardized Patients, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and more. The scope of simulation-based healthcare education extends to Veterinary Simulation, allowing caregivers to deliver clinical excellence across the spectrum of clinical care. These technologies and modalities enable learners to manage low frequency-high risk (sudden cardiac arrest), high frequency-low risk scenarios (cuts, bruises) and raise global standards of care. ‘theSimTech’ blog discusses developments related to simulation-based healthcare education, foundational concepts, trends, how-to and more.

Website Content

Editorial Team at theSimTech Blog | Website

The editorial team at theSimTech contributes content related to simulation-based healthcare education, including foundational concepts, tools, resources, trends and announcements.


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