Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries to add realism to your simulations.
Below you will find helpful downloads, links and 'how to' videos to help you master the art.

Moulage Recipes by Jackie Langford
Moulage Tips and Tricks by Suzanne Lortie Carlyle and Karen Paquett
Chez Moulage Recipe Book by Laerdal Medical
Basic Moulage Recipes by METI / HSPN
How did you do that??? by Springfield Technical Community College

Amoveo (Industry)
EMSWorld - Wound Of The Month (Tips)
Gaumard Wound Kits (Industry)
Gravity and Momentum (Industry)
Health Cuts (Industry)
Laerdal Moulage Modules - at bottom of page (Industry)
Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive (Print)
Moulage Concepts (Industry)
Moulage Sciences and Training (Industry)
Paint and Powder Cosmetics - Casualty Simulation Kits (Industry)
Paint and Powder Cosmetics - Specialty Casualty Realism Products (Industry)
SIM-one Tips (Tips)
Smooth-On (Industry)
Strategic Operations (Industry)
The Makeup Armoury (Industry)

'How To'  Videos

Flesh Eating Bacteria

First Degree Burn (Sunburn)

Acid Burn



Trauma - Scissors in leg

Wound with Glass Debris

Cut / Scar


Tim Shea, Medical Operations Director, discusses "Moulage" as part of the North Dakota STAR program