newsletter - august 09, 2016

I've finished uploading some donated scenarios - we are now up to 60!
I've put them in alphabetical order to help with finding what you're looking for.
Thank you for all your contributions (especially Katie Gordon from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Babar Haroon from Dalhousie University Medical Program).

Had a great visit/chat with the team from KeyIn last week while they were in Halifax. Check out there visit write up here:


Gaumard has intriduced the Omni2 (looks like their version of a SimPad).

The new OMNI 2 is an easy-to-use, wireless device interface designed to operate Gaumard patient simulators and skills trainers. It offers instructors the essential tools to drive simulation-based training sessions without the complexity of programming. Simply tap and go.

For more information check out their website here:

A cool moulage video I found on TraumaFX website:

I just found out about this company - SimUCare

One of their products is the SimUTrach. Check out the video below: quick update - july 19, 2016

Sent to me from Wayne McGeary:

Hi Andy

Just to let you know I am attaching a template for you to release on thesimtech site.
This has been entirely constructed by myself and consists of templates for :
Blood biochemistry results
ABG/VBG Standard ED type machine
ABG/VBG ITU type format
It is an excel chart with tabs for each.
The Blood biochemistry results change font colour (blue normal input - red and bold text) when abnormal results are detected, which is the format our Hospital lab results are viewed.
The ABG/VBG templates display Up arrow with high results and down arrow with low results again mirroring clinically what our hospital machines output is like.
Hope people find them useful and would appreciate some feedback.

Download it here and give it a try. Thanks Wayne!

PS - Ive uploaded a few new scenarios, with more to come this week... newsletter - february 27, 2016

A great video a coworker sent me from Northwestern ID&D on increasing mechanical ventilation fidelity on a Laerdal SimMan3G

CAE Healthcare METIman in TV Documentary

Some other great new things coming from CAE that I sadly missed at IMSH... got caught up learning about their new LearningSpace Intuity product:

1. Athena: The goddess of simulators, Athena sets a new standard of realism in female patient simulation.

2. NeuroVR:  Elevating neurosurgery training to a whole new level, NeuroVR is the world's most advanced virtual reality simulator of its kind.

3. Vimedix Pathology+ Packages: With new and multiple cases, Vimedix Pathology+ Packages prepare learners to diagnose acute and life-threatening conditions rarely encountered in routine practice.

4. Surgical Trauma & TCCC/EMS Cut Suits: (see below) These wearable simulators offer ultra-realistic training in surgical emergencies and triage care to deliver intense training for first responders and emergency medical personnel.

Education Technologist Chris Tuffnell shared this with me on LinkedIn: Thanks Chris!

Also caught this on LinkedIn... from SynDaver:

syndaver ekg
Our completely-redesigned SynDaver EKG app has now been released on Google Play. This app is FREE and contains NO ads.
SynDaver EKG allows you to turn any low-tech simulator (or even a department store mannequin) into a basic patient simulator. This will allow organizations on a fixed budget to enhance training without any additional spending.  We are releasing this for free because we believe in the value of basic medical education - and because we are nice. Our competitors charge thousands for similar apps - because they are jerks HAHA.
The application offers two modes of operation;
(1) standalone mode where variables can be set by an intuitive heart waveform editor and slider interface and
(2) bluetooth control where an instructor can update the display remotely in real time in response to student interactions or to modify the training scenario on the fly.
Variables that are currently able to be set include heart rate, complex heart waveform, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, respiration rate, SPO2, and body temperature. These values are displayed both numerically and by color coordinated dynamic waveform with mutable audio indicators for the heart rate.
If you would like to request additional features for this app (or suggest a new app) please either leave them here or email to

Go get it on Google Play here: newsletter - imsh2016 edition

So IMSH2016 came to a close today, and its almost time to start my long journey home, but I'd thought I'd share some of the new stuff I saw...

I finally got to see Gaumard's Victoria in action... wow!
Best maternal and neonatal birthing patient simulator on the market in my opinion.
Definitely get a demo if your in the market.

healthcare simulation.jpg

Grab Laura Gantt and Michael Young's "Healthcare Simulation - A Guide for Operations Specialists" at a 20% discount (until February 29th, 2016) by quoting code VBM45 at checkout here:

One product that has been out for a couple of years but I had never heard of is simcore.
I had a great chat and demo from CEO Brian Gillett on his web based platform that offers the following:

  • Develop / Store Scenarios - The cloud-based scenario designer and storage system enables users to efficiently create and edit scenarios anytime, anywhere.
  • Schedule & Teach - Create schedules for learners, confederates and instructors through an integrated Calendar and digitally serve all of your scenario content.
  • Track & Analyze - Deliver up-to-date educational material to learners after each simulation session. Efficiently track the progress of learners and educators with 360° assessments.
  • Connect With The Community - Harness the power of collective wisdom by browsing, importing and customizing scenarios across the SimCore community.

He offered to set me up with a temporary license, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it will work for my current needs. I'll keep you posted...

Laerdal has a couple of cool new things to offer:

First is ShockLink:
"ShockLink is a compact defibrillation training tool for standardized CPR-D training that enables users to adapt their own AED or advanced defibrillator for use as a training tool in a realistic and controlled environment. ShockLink allows you to use adhesive training pads on your CPR manikins but also generates multiple shockable heart rhythms that are the foundation for a solid and efficient CPR-D training program."

Second is a new version of Premature Anne that will be released in March (2016) with increased capabilities - and run off the new SimPad Plus... stay tuned for more information closer to the release date...


Simskin is a cool product range of realistic surgical skins - and they will even make a product specifically for you. You can check them out at

iSimulate has a great cost effective product called ALSi. With 2 ipads its a fully featured multi parmeter defibrillator, monitor and AED, thats super easy to use.
It looks like a great way to increase fidelity if you don't have a high end patient simulator.

isimulate alsi

A little off base, but if you are into sim centre design or renovations, this might be a product for you.
Skyfold offers some cool acoustic vertical retractable walls. If you are looking for that type of thing - check them out at

PF-NOTE (power feedback note) is a product I didn't have time to explore but they offer a "real time feedback system with real time video audio encoding.
More on them here

VitalsBridge is a neat tool to display your patient simulator's vital signs on a real patient monitor - more on them here including compatibility (so far it just works with some Laerdal products - but they are expanding this year)

I'll be adding some new links to my links page for any missing company that is mentioned above in next few days... newsletter - june 23, 2015

A great new website (from fellow Canadians!) that offers free simulation scenarios - EM Sim Cases 
From their website:
"Most EM residency programs are now using simulation in some capacity. Why should each program have to create new content? At EM Sim Cases, we want to showcase the fantastic cases that are already being used across the country.
We have three main goals:
- Create a large database of cases for EM educators around the world to use.
- Map all cases to clear educational objectives.
- Create a FOAMed culture among EM simulation educators

I haven't seen this in action yet, but looks like CAE is releasing a "simpad" type of software program called VIVO.
You can sign up for more information on their website here -

SIM-one launches an online SIM Scenario Exchange!
"SIM Scenario Exchange, an online repository of simulation scenarios, tools and templates. Open to all healthcare professions, disciplines and sectors, the Exchange fosters sharing and collaboration in the simulation community."
Explore the SIM Scenario Exchange here

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has announced the launch of the Simulation in Health Care Video Series. This series of videos and presentations, featuring renowned simulation experts, will provide the foundational principles for simulation-based education, assessment and research to clinical educators who are interested in simulation in healthcare. Additional videos will be released throughout the summer. 
Watch the first one below and visit the Royal College website for new videos and regular updates.

Gaumard introduces Tory - their new tethers and wireless full-term neonatal patient simulator

"Fully tetherless and wireless, Newborn Tory enables health care professionals to easily administer and monitor simulated care as they transition from the delivery room to the operating room, the nursery or the NICU, while training for a large number of programmable scenarios. Tory integrates seamlessly with Gaumard's Victoria Birthing Simulator via a wireless link, allowing healthcare providers to first tend to labor and delivery and then stabilize or treat the newborn. Newborn Tory's features include: 
- Lifelike appearance, weight and size 
Soft, smooth, and  realistic outer skin that fully covers a realistically articulating endoskeleton  
-Tetherless mobility with wireless controls 
-Realistic airway anatomy and CPR training features 
-Compatibility with real ECGs and other hospital equipment 
-Programmable vital signs that allow for APGAR and other critical assessments"

CAE has free monthly AV solution webinars... keep your eye on their blog for announcements

Simulated Surgical Systems introduces RoSS II:
RoSS™ is a portable, stand-alone Robotic Surgery Simulator that teaches novice surgeons the motor and cognitive skills required for operating the da Vinci© surgical robot.
Learn more about it here -

I received an email from IngMar Medical regarding a contest:
"Have you used one of our products in an innovative or especially impactful way? We’d like to hear about it so we can share ideas and best practices among our users. The top submissions will receive a $500 award and their stories will be featured on our website."
More details here:

Studiocode has been updated to version 10, check out the video below.

Flashback of the day : )

Have anything you want to share with fellow simulation technologists? Let me know here. newsletter - march 18, 2015

MEdSim Magazine has created there own medical simulation center directory - go here to have a look

CAE New 2015 Healthcare Catalog is now available online here:

Lance over at Healthy Simulation posted a first look video at SimCapture X from B-Line Medical - go check it out here:

SimGHOSTS has launched a new website - sign up in March to get 50% off

Moulage Concepts Announces New Distributor Partnership with Quebec-based VitalMedic.
From the press release:
"Moulage Concepts, the leader in Medical Moulage and simulation training moulage products, today announced a new distributor partnership with VitalMedic, a Canadian based distributor of pre-hospital training scenarios.  This partnership combines Moulage Concept's award-winning moulage expertise and scenario development, which enables organizations to build quality training scenario's that look, feel, sound and smell like the real thing, with VitalMedic's pre-hospital training expertise in building pre-hospital and field training exercises utilizing best practice application, to further drive the adoption of realistic training scenario development in Canada."

Gaumard has a new nursing and gynecologic pack for their Victoria patient simulator - check out the brochure here

...I've added some various other things around the site, so take a look around - and please let me know if you have anything to contribute newsletter - january 11, 2015

To everyone going to IMSH - Have a blast!

Registration for IPSSW2015 is now open -

I've added some new documents to the Resources page, including a job description, job profile example and some debriefing documents.

ASPIH's national simulation scoping project summary can be downloaded here

CAE Healthcare just announced plans to expand surgical simulation portfolio through distributor agreement with VirtaMed

I just learnt about this company - Noldus:

Simulating events adds to our understanding of human behavior for example when under stress. A simulated operating room can provide a secure environment for training and evaluation: new protocols or high-tech tools can be tested and different scenarios can be simulated. A variety of data such as video streams, information from movement sensors, physiological data, and more can easily be integrated in a Noldus’ solution (medical simulation software: Viso and The Observer XT).
Noldus (multi-room) labs make use of the latest video technology, many different data acquisition systems, and software such as Viso, the multi video recording suite, and The Observer XT, user-friendly software for research and analysis.

Tom Cotter mentioned this auto-follow camcorder system by Soloshot - could be a neat addition to your sim center. newsletter - november 03, 2014

I've added various content around the site... including some links to A/V Systems in the Audio/Video section. If you have anything to add, please let me know.

Some very exciting news from SIM-one!
The Ontario Simulation Network is happy to announce the launch of three online services for the healthcare simulation community.
The new additions to the SIM-one website include:

Check them out today.

Free Webinar from CAE this Wednesday!
It is on their A/V debrief equipment.

CAE Replay: The Intelligent Solution for Successful Simulation Debriefs
Date: Nov. 5, 2014
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

You can sign up here:
Below is from their website:

Join CAE Healthcare and audiovisual solutions guru, Michelle Castleberry, in a free webinar event focused on exploring the many benefits and uses of the CAE Replay AV recording and playback system for getting the most out of medical simulation debriefing sessions.
Replay's always-on option ensures every action gets recorded and structures all visual and audio content into easily accessible "chapters" for simple replay and review. Replay stores audio, video, patient data and real-time annotations, allowing users to return to any part of a past session or simulation event to review it in part or in its entirety, however many times they wish.
You’ll learn about:
 How to implement Replay
 Replay’s stunning HD audiovisual and back-end hardware
 Advanced Google search features & cloud-based backups
 Scalability (from 2 up to 200 cameras)
 Simple installation and easy operation

I found some great examples of patient simulator orientation videos on the Behling Simulation Center site. You can check them out here:
Here is there Gaumard Hal orientation:

Are you involved in Canadian Nursing? I just heard about this change from the Laerdal site...

"In January 2015 the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN®) replaces the CRNE as Canada's national examination for those applying to be a Registered Nurse. At Laerdal Medical Canada, we can help you and your students successfully prepare for and complete the NCLEX-RN® with innovative solutions developed in cooperation with our strategic partners."

More information can be found here.

Konsiderate is now in open beta - registering is open to the masses!
Help support and go write a review today!

SimGHOSTS 2015 Event Hosts Announced:
Australia: Clinical Skills Development Service - June 23rd-26th
Brisbane, Queensland.
USA: Cedars-Sinai Women's Guild Simulation Center - August 4th-7th
Los Angeles, CA. newsletter - september 09, 2014

OK - back to updates after a few months off. Please send me an email if you have any information to share.

Arielle Glenn emailed me about a great new site she and David Escobar started called Sim360. From their about page:

We are founded on the belief that for every one person who shares medical knowledge and experiences, many will benefit. By providing the medical simulation community with the resources for technical, operational, and administrative support, Sim360 strives to spread that benefit as far as possible. The best part is, our support system is available completely free of charge. We seek to bridge the gap between simulation vendors, support providers and the users they service – we believe that the entire medical simulation world can be “do it yourself”. Sim360 targets simulation centers with minimal to no funding left to pay for new products, let alone maintain the products they currently own, and works collaboratively with professionals across the nation to support and troubleshoot the center’s issues. Sim360 values community above all, and seeks to inspire collaborative teamwork between medical simulation experts everywhere.

Go check them out here:

I'm not totally familiar with their line but looks like CAE has a new birthing simulator - Fedilis. She can be used as a birthing simulator, or as an adult female. Watch the video for more info, or check out their website here:

Also just noticed they have a nice document site:
"The Documentation section is designed to be your archive of learning materials for our products and patient simulation. Here you will find everything from the content of CAE Healthcare’s Learning Applications with sample SCEs to orientation guidelines, programming tips and other useful resources."
Check it out here:

Check this out: someone just introduced me to this great simulation link -
From the 'About' page:

"My name is Cyle Sprick. I am a paramedic, a biomedical engineer, and the director of the clinical simulation unit in the school of medicine at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. This blog is a public forum where I intend to share my thoughts about simulation in healthcare education, particularly technical musings. I sometimes tell people that when I’m working on one of our manikins that “this is true plastic surgery”, hence the name of this blog."

sonosim livescan

This looks cool... SonoSim LiveScan instantly transforms healthy volunteers or mannequins into ultrasound training cases with real pathologic conditions. Apply SonoSim LiveScan Tags to designated anatomic locations on either volunteers or mannequins. The Tags serve as ultrasound scanning windows. Read more about it here:

Jani Wallenius wrote me from Finland to introduce me to Nordic Simulators. They specialize in Sim Center design and debriefing video solutions. Check out more about them here:

Military Moulage has released part 4 of there blood series: Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation: Part 4

Check out their great tutorials!

Some news from the Halldale group:

3D Systems has completed the acquisition of Simbionix for $120 million in cash.
3D Systems says the combination of Simbionix's 3D surgical simulation and training tools with 3D Systems' clinical capabilities in planning and instrumenting for complex personalized surgical procedures and 3D printed implants and patient-specific medical devices will accelerate the creation of a personalized healthcare platform that extends from the training room to the operating room.
Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3DS Systems says acquiring Simbionix extends the company’s “first mover advantage in the fast growing field of 3D printing enabled personalized medicine," complements its healthcare offerings and enhances its “seamless digital thread for patient-specific healthcare.” He said, “From the training room to the operating room, we are developing the digital thread for personalized medicine."

And more from them:

NCSBN Study:
A study by the National Council of State Boards’ (NCSBN) National Simulation Study: A Longitudinal, Randomized, Controlled Study Replacing Clinical Hours with Simulation in Prelicensure Nursing Education found substituting high-quality simulation experiences for up to half of traditional clinical hours produces comparable educational outcomes to those students whose experiences are mostly just traditional clinical hours and produces new graduates that are ready for clinical practice.
The study found substituting high-quality simulation experiences for up to half of traditional clinical hours produces comparable educational outcomes to those students whose experiences are mostly just traditional clinical hours and produces new graduates that are ready for clinical practice.
The longitudinal study included incoming nursing students from 10 prelicensure programs across the U.S. who were randomly placed in one of three study groups:
 Control group (traditional clinical where up to 10 percent of clinical time was allowed in simulation)
 25 percent simulation in place of traditional clinical hours
 50 percent simulation in place of traditional clinical hours
The study began in the 2011 fall semester with the first clinical nursing course and continued throughout the core clinical courses to graduation in May 2013. Students were assessed on clinical competency and nursing knowledge and they provided ratings on how well they perceived their learning needs were met in both the clinical and simulation environments. A total of 666 students completed the study requirements at the time of graduation.
The study found that up to 50 percent simulation was effectively substituted for traditional clinical experience in all core courses across the prelicensure nursing curriculum, but did not affect NCLEX pass rates.
Participants were followed into their first six months of clinical practice – and the study found no meaningful differences between the groups in critical thinking, clinical competency and overall readiness for practice as rated by managers at six weeks, three months and six months after working in a clinical position.
The full report is available as a supplement to the Journal of Nursing Regulation (JNR) and can be accessed from the NCSBN website.


I received an email saying the AliveCor IPhone 4/4s heart monitor is on sale for $59.99 down from $199.99. Check out more here if you are interested: