newsletter - november 12, 2013 #simulation

- I've made a change to the site. I got rid of the equipment section and replaced it with a dedicated moulage section. I think it will be easier to maintain and from what I hear a new review site of equipment is in the works... it should do a better job then I ever could. More on that when it is launched.

- Part 4, the final installment of Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation by Military Moulage is up!

- Got this the other day, thought I would pass it along

The Board Members  of the Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare have launched the CNSH website and are inviting you to join this Canadian community of simulation enthusiasts and experts. Please visit the website at and become a member and complete the survey which has been developed to provide us with information that will better serve the simulation community in Canada.

- Have you made any modifications in your lab? Maybe share it at The Tech Mod Showcase that will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2013 at IMSH.
Find out more here:

- I snagged this from Michael Young's Google+ page:

Do you use multiple keyboards for each of your simulation control stations?  Even if you have two or more laptops, would you like consolidate to one physical keyboard and mouse?  This video demonstrates one way you resolve this problem.

- This is neat...  from SynDaver Labs