newsletter - imsh2016 edition

So IMSH2016 came to a close today, and its almost time to start my long journey home, but I'd thought I'd share some of the new stuff I saw...

I finally got to see Gaumard's Victoria in action... wow!
Best maternal and neonatal birthing patient simulator on the market in my opinion.
Definitely get a demo if your in the market.

healthcare simulation.jpg

Grab Laura Gantt and Michael Young's "Healthcare Simulation - A Guide for Operations Specialists" at a 20% discount (until February 29th, 2016) by quoting code VBM45 at checkout here:

One product that has been out for a couple of years but I had never heard of is simcore.
I had a great chat and demo from CEO Brian Gillett on his web based platform that offers the following:

  • Develop / Store Scenarios - The cloud-based scenario designer and storage system enables users to efficiently create and edit scenarios anytime, anywhere.
  • Schedule & Teach - Create schedules for learners, confederates and instructors through an integrated Calendar and digitally serve all of your scenario content.
  • Track & Analyze - Deliver up-to-date educational material to learners after each simulation session. Efficiently track the progress of learners and educators with 360° assessments.
  • Connect With The Community - Harness the power of collective wisdom by browsing, importing and customizing scenarios across the SimCore community.

He offered to set me up with a temporary license, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it will work for my current needs. I'll keep you posted...

Laerdal has a couple of cool new things to offer:

First is ShockLink:
"ShockLink is a compact defibrillation training tool for standardized CPR-D training that enables users to adapt their own AED or advanced defibrillator for use as a training tool in a realistic and controlled environment. ShockLink allows you to use adhesive training pads on your CPR manikins but also generates multiple shockable heart rhythms that are the foundation for a solid and efficient CPR-D training program."

Second is a new version of Premature Anne that will be released in March (2016) with increased capabilities - and run off the new SimPad Plus... stay tuned for more information closer to the release date...


Simskin is a cool product range of realistic surgical skins - and they will even make a product specifically for you. You can check them out at

iSimulate has a great cost effective product called ALSi. With 2 ipads its a fully featured multi parmeter defibrillator, monitor and AED, thats super easy to use.
It looks like a great way to increase fidelity if you don't have a high end patient simulator.

isimulate alsi

A little off base, but if you are into sim centre design or renovations, this might be a product for you.
Skyfold offers some cool acoustic vertical retractable walls. If you are looking for that type of thing - check them out at

PF-NOTE (power feedback note) is a product I didn't have time to explore but they offer a "real time feedback system with real time video audio encoding.
More on them here

VitalsBridge is a neat tool to display your patient simulator's vital signs on a real patient monitor - more on them here including compatibility (so far it just works with some Laerdal products - but they are expanding this year)

I'll be adding some new links to my links page for any missing company that is mentioned above in next few days...