newsletter - september 17, 2019

Hello fellow techs - it’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to update this section… I’ve been working on an exciting new project that I should be able to share with you all soon.
Anyway, on to some new items that I have found useful.

Found this great pediatric scenario resource:

OPTIMUS BONUS is an ongoing project driven by Children’s Health Queensland involving the creation of simulation education packages on topics in paediatric resuscitation.  Each package contains;

  • An introduction by an expert explaining why the topic is important.

  • A simulation scenario with clear learning objectives, instructions and hints for debriefing.

  • Pre-reading resources for participants. These are fun and easy to read resources including podcasts, videos, guidelines and apps.

  • An info graphic summarizing the topic. QR codes on the posters link to Just In Time Training resources including videos and guidelines.


The ‘Awesome Ultrasound Simulator’ App -

The official homepage of Awesome Ultrasound Simulator, an iOS app for simulation point-of-care ultrasound in standard medical simulations. Use it together with your standard mannequin and you've instantly increased the fidelity of the simulation beyond what you thought possible. This is both thew cheapest and best thing you can bring to simulation, try it out!

Level 3 Healthcare has a blog - “A place where the healthcare simulation experts express the facts.”
Feel free to check it out here:

Check out this great video “Meet Dummy Ralph” from the folks at Cedars-Sinai.

This company is new to me… Simulare Medical
I haven’t used their product, but they look pretty cool.
They offer Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Rhinoplasty task trainers

Here is a video on their Rhinoplasty Simulator