newsletter - march 28, 2019

Ive added a few entries to the links and resources pages…

Level 3 Healthcare just wrapped up their first annual Simulation Operations Bootcamp that I was happy to attend. It was an all inclusive, intimate three days held at their headquarters in Mesa, AZ.

The Level 3 team, including Scott Atkinson, David Escobar, Lenny Convis and Brandon Phillips, did a great job delivering courses that include:

  • Engineering & Design

  • AV Simulation System Installations

  • Simulation Operation

  • Setting Up Simulation Systems

  • RFP and Purchasing Process

  • Simulation Center Design

  • The Educational Matrix Standard

  • Advancing the Operation Specialist Role

  • Leadership

  • Role Discovery

  • Job Skill Requirements

  • AV9000 Introduction

  • Simulation Center Training

Level 3 Healthcare first annual Bootcamp squad

Level 3 Healthcare first annual Bootcamp squad

As you can see on their website, it was a great success and they will be hosting another Bootcamp next year from April 14 - 16, 2020.

Speaking of Level 3, on May 8th they are hosting a video webinar. The topic is "Cheap & Simple Moulage Hacks for the Everyday SimTech". You can signup via their invite here.

Over on NLNTEQ they have a 7 part series on simulation operations you might be interested in reading:
You can start with part one here: Are You Ready for Simulation? Part 1 of the 7-Part Series Dissecting the Sim Ops Standard

A little off topic - but thought some of you might want to share these instructional ACLS videos with learners. offers educational videos, quizzes & algorithms to help students prepare for their certifications .

Matthew Jubelius shared this little article written from the viewpoint of a Canadian company collaborating with a US company. A success story on how collaboration across borders is helping the simulation community.

Amoveo Training, Inc., a Canadian firm with national healthcare simulation training expertise, designs and manufactures customized simulation-based education products from skills trainers to wearable moulage. American company, B & G Educational Innovations, LLC (BGEI), is globally recognized for high physical fidelity and high-quality realism in their ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim medical and veterinary clinical simulation training product lines. In the summer of 2018, the two companies began collaborating to develop a new subdermal layer insert to improve the realism of simulated IV training in ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim wearable hybrid IV training simulation products.

Over the next six months, “subdermal layer” prototypes were created, lab tested, and subsequently field tested for durability, realism, and ease of positioning the layer within the IV trainers among the healthcare, veterinarian and aerospace communities. Amoveo Training released the final version of the subdermal layer for purchase in January 2019, as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor.

To learn more about Amoveo Training Inc. and B & G Educational Innovations, LLC, explore the links below: