newsletter - february 09, 2019

SIM-one ( * disclaimer - I’m on the board in a voluntary unpaid position) will soon change its name to Simulation Canada (awaiting government approval)

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If your involved in simulation in Canada, you might want to consider joining this organization.

Some benefits include:

Leadership and Governance
Membership in the national network symbolizes, on an international level, organizations’ leadership in and
commitment to high-quality simulation to improve healthcare education, patient safety, and care quality.
Members will influence the strategic directions of the national network by exercising their vote on
important decisions made at Annual General Meetings and through active participation on various sub-
committees of the Board, operational committees and special working groups.

Nation-Wide Connections
Canada is a global leader in simulation, with tremendous expertise in simulation program development,
implementation, research and innovation. Connect with this community for expert advice, leading-edge
ideas, and impactful collaborations. SIM-one/CNSH becomes your single point of contact to identify and
connect with expertise nation-wide.

Simulation Resources
Through our website, you can access information and resources to help advance your simulation program – including peer-reviewed scenarios, expert tips, news, simulation vendors and product lists, directories, and more.

Faculty Development & Certification
We have already established 10 unique courses to enhance the skills of simulationists, from foundational
elements such as scenario writing and debriefing, to advanced topics like simulation research,
interprofessional simulation, and working with standardized patients. Some of these courses are available
online, and we continue to work on ways to provide distributed and accessible training. We have also
established two nationally recognized simulation specialist certificate programs. Member organizations
receive discounts to all training, can host courses at their site, and can nominate one of their staff/faculty
to be recognized as a Master Facilitator, enabling you to run your own official SIM-one/CNSH courses.

Research & Grant Supports
We can directly provide advice on your grant applications, act as a research or knowledge translation
partner on your grants, and connect you to others in the community for special expertise or for multi-site

National & Regional Events
Members get discounted registration to our two established national events, the SIM Expo (Canada’s
premier simulation conference) and the National Forum on Simulation for Quality and Safety. We also aim
to support and promote regional events, recognizing the importance they have in fostering local/regional

Operational Efficiencies & Sustainability
As a network, we can help members sustain their programs by reducing costs, improving efficiencies and
demonstrating return on investments. We can provide advice on purchasing decisions, bring organizations
together for bulk purchasing and discounts, enable the selling and buying of gently used equipment, and
facilitate sharing of insights into efficient operational processes and equipment maintenance.

Advocacy and Investments in Simulation
As an advocate, this network will bring a united voice to regional and national funders and stakeholders.
We will ensure government and other influential agencies understand the role simulation can play to
advance their healthcare improvement agendas, and see simulation as a valuable investment.
For example, we have recently worked with and continue to advocate to: The Canadian Patient Safety
Institute; provincial health quality & safety councils; HIROC; Accreditation Canada; HealthCareCAN; and
many others.

If this interests you, check out more here:

B-Line Medical has Signed a Long-term Partnership with Laerdal

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I received an email from B-Line announcing their long-term collaborative partnership with Laerdal Medical to “integrate existing and new product lines to significantly improve the quality, consistency, and ease of administering healthcare simulation education and training”.
Read more about it here:

CAE announce Luna infant simulator at IMSH.


I heard about this, and I’m excited to see it, but when I went to their website it looks like its not quite ready…?

Lightweight, tetherless and wireless, CAE Luna is a baby simulator built on a scalable platform to meet all your critical education objectives. From basic newborn assessment to neonatal resuscitation, newborn CPR, advanced life support, and intensive care experiences, CAE Luna provides the widest range of training available in baby simulation.

You can sign up for updates here:

Zoriana let me know about MeLiSA. Independent simulator support

MeLiSA stands for Master Level Service Agreement. We understand how valuable your time is, and understand that running medical simulators can be complex. We demystify medical simulators, and provide immediate support any time, anywhere! - Check out for more info.