newsletter - june 18, 2018

Cleaned up the site a bit - removed some dead links, added some new links, added the audio files to a google drive folder... let me know if you come across any issues.

A quick plug for my local internal medicine team that has put together this great site of scenarios -

Dalhousie Internal Medicine Simulation was created with the intent of making high and low fidelity simulation cases easily accessible to internal medicine trainees within our program. Wherever possible, the cases have been mapped to existing Royal College objectives. Cases can be searched by topic, or by Royal College objective. We have included cases from other open-access sources, and encourage new contributions.

I recently started to listen to DJ Simulationistas… Sup?
It's the flagship podcast of the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston, Massachusetts.
Janice Palaganas and Dan Raemer (below), CMS faculty and thought leaders in the field of healthcare simulation, discuss the pressing issues in the field, interview expert guests, tell jokes, and dissemble on a variety of topics. Check them out here:


Gary Taylor, Business Development Director at TWME8 Limited, reached out and shared this information and video with me:

iRIS is a unique, collaborative, web-based platform to help you design high quality scenarios / cases that offer the best learning experience possible, as well as helping you get the best value from the investments you have made in simulation resources.

Over 1,000 simulation professionals globally author using the iRIS Health Simulation Authoring Platform. Whether you are building simulation using task trainers, high fidelity manikins, or standardized patients, iRIS will support you in developing the highest quality scenario / case.
iRIS will support you in:
• ensuring your scenarios are developed in a standardized, high quality manner
• creating significant efficiencies in terms of the time required for designing scenarios and collating simulation resources
• reducing the time and effort required to train colleagues in the design and authoring of scenarios
• building engagement with a wider range of clinicians to harness their expertise in developing new scenarios
• driving interprofessional collaboration and sharing of content with other simulation professionals

If this interests you, check out more here:

I'm not well versed on screen based training, but SimSTAT from CAE and ASA looks pretty neat. I'm excited to see what the future holds for this modality - and VR/AR...
More here:

Matthew let me know his company Amoveo was recently featured on with a Canadian focus on customized task trainers - you can check it out here: