newsletter - september 11, 2017 - Healthcare Simulation Week!

Happy Healthcare Simulation Week!
SSH info and events here.


I've been contacted by two new places to purchase moulage makeup/equipment:

Amoveo, founded by Matthew Jubelius (based in Canada), offers various simulated wounds (click here for their brochure and check out their video below)

The Makeup Armoury (based in the UK). Check out their brochure here, and send Alice an email asking for a discount if you see anything you fancy

SynDaver Labs, an advanced biotechnology company specializing in the creation of sophisticated synthetic humans and animals, announced the formation of a new international strategic partnership with medical manikin manufacturer Lifecast Body Simulation.

The new partnership will allow SynDaver and Lifecast Body Simulation to utilize each company’s unique proprietary technology to expand their capabilities to create ultra-realistic, next-generation synthetic bodies. Future human and animal models engineered by the two companies will combine the fully-functioning anatomy and life-like tissues of SynDaver surgical humans with the movie-ready realistic visual appearance pioneered by Lifecast Body Simulation.

Full press release here

This looks neat - a web-based scenario builder... IRIS -

iRIS is a unique web-based platform to help you design high quality scenarios and offer the best learning experience possible, as well as helping you get the best value from the investments you have made in manikins and other resources. iRIS will support you in:
• ensuring your scenarios are developed in a standardised, high quality manner
• creating significant efficiencies in terms of the time required for designing scenarios and collating simulation resources
• reducing the time and effort required to train colleagues in the design and authoring of scenarios
• building engagement with a wider range of clinicians to harness their expertise in developing new scenarios
• driving interprofessional collaboration and sharing of content with other simulation professionals
Authors can collaborate on scenarios together internally, or in partnership with other organisations, without the need to send scenarios and their related resources to each other via email. iRIS supports the entire simulation team offering benefits for authors, facilitators, simulation technicians and learners that drives operational performance, cost reduction, increased efficiency and continuous improvement. relaunches medical simulation resource website & newsletter with new features.