newsletter - august 09, 2016

I've finished uploading some donated scenarios - we are now up to 60!
I've put them in alphabetical order to help with finding what you're looking for.
Thank you for all your contributions (especially Katie Gordon from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Babar Haroon from Dalhousie University Medical Program).

Had a great visit/chat with the team from KeyIn last week while they were in Halifax. Check out there visit write up here:


Gaumard has intriduced the Omni2 (looks like their version of a SimPad).

The new OMNI 2 is an easy-to-use, wireless device interface designed to operate Gaumard patient simulators and skills trainers. It offers instructors the essential tools to drive simulation-based training sessions without the complexity of programming. Simply tap and go.

For more information check out their website here:

A cool moulage video I found on TraumaFX website:

I just found out about this company - SimUCare

One of their products is the SimUTrach. Check out the video below: