newsletter - october 25, 2016

A big thank you to Kelly McMann for sharing the following scenario now found in the scenario section

Topic: Labor and delivery, postpartum hemorrhage
Title: Normal Delivery with PPH
Target: Maternal - Child Course - Nursing Education

Great new website with a focus on the very important debrief -

Effective feedback and debriefing play a critical role in healthcare education in both simulated and workplace-based environments. Debrief2Learn supports clinical educators by sharing resources to guide faculty development and exploring the latest innovations. We aim to create an online community of practice for health professions educators while advancing knowledge through cutting-edge collaborative research.

This looks pretty neat. I'm excited to see how VR and AR progress in simulation in the future.

Virtual Medical Coaching offers you the world’s first true Virtual Reality application for learning radiographic positions and principles. In the radiation free simulator, the user can perform radiographic examinations as in the real world, critique the resulting images and get instant metric feedback in a way that is impossible in conventional education. The simulator allows for unlimited training in the immersive, safe environment.

My good friend Chris Tuffnell has started the TEL ME More Telegraph. It aims to bring you 'hot off the press' information and current opinion on all things related to digital, education, innovation and medical simulation, throughout the Middle East and Internationally.

This is so neat... a new realistic human body model created to train medics for trauma surgery. Read about it here, or at least watch the video below (had an issue with sizing...)