newsletter - february 27, 2016

A great video a coworker sent me from Northwestern ID&D on increasing mechanical ventilation fidelity on a Laerdal SimMan3G

CAE Healthcare METIman in TV Documentary

Some other great new things coming from CAE that I sadly missed at IMSH... got caught up learning about their new LearningSpace Intuity product:

1. Athena: The goddess of simulators, Athena sets a new standard of realism in female patient simulation.

2. NeuroVR:  Elevating neurosurgery training to a whole new level, NeuroVR is the world's most advanced virtual reality simulator of its kind.

3. Vimedix Pathology+ Packages: With new and multiple cases, Vimedix Pathology+ Packages prepare learners to diagnose acute and life-threatening conditions rarely encountered in routine practice.

4. Surgical Trauma & TCCC/EMS Cut Suits: (see below) These wearable simulators offer ultra-realistic training in surgical emergencies and triage care to deliver intense training for first responders and emergency medical personnel.

Education Technologist Chris Tuffnell shared this with me on LinkedIn: Thanks Chris!

Also caught this on LinkedIn... from SynDaver:

syndaver ekg
Our completely-redesigned SynDaver EKG app has now been released on Google Play. This app is FREE and contains NO ads.
SynDaver EKG allows you to turn any low-tech simulator (or even a department store mannequin) into a basic patient simulator. This will allow organizations on a fixed budget to enhance training without any additional spending.  We are releasing this for free because we believe in the value of basic medical education - and because we are nice. Our competitors charge thousands for similar apps - because they are jerks HAHA.
The application offers two modes of operation;
(1) standalone mode where variables can be set by an intuitive heart waveform editor and slider interface and
(2) bluetooth control where an instructor can update the display remotely in real time in response to student interactions or to modify the training scenario on the fly.
Variables that are currently able to be set include heart rate, complex heart waveform, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, respiration rate, SPO2, and body temperature. These values are displayed both numerically and by color coordinated dynamic waveform with mutable audio indicators for the heart rate.
If you would like to request additional features for this app (or suggest a new app) please either leave them here or email to

Go get it on Google Play here: