newsletter - june 23, 2014

For those participating in the SimGHOSTs event in Australia this week - hope you have a blast and learn lots!

This is neat - an augmented reality app to use with your patient simulators being used at Sheffield Hallam University. I'm not sure who makes it or if its available for purchase - let me know if you do...

Will Enfinger (Simulation Specialist at Des Moines University) made this great ink allergy warning sign you can post in your simlab to help with the fight of keeping ink away from your patient simulators. You can download the full size color .pdf here.


Wow...this looks cool. Apparently its coming soon from

Marissa Beninati shared this on LinkedIn:
Defib pads pop off during chest compressions? Order the new defib cables for your Laerdal SimMan 3G. Don't forget to request the new defib posts/pegs. They look pretty neat...

That's all for now... things slow down in the summer don't they...
Please feel free to contact me if you have any resources you would like to share with the rest of the healthcare simulation world!