newsletter - may 05, 2014

On the heals of Gaumard introducing Victoria, Laerdal announces their automatic delivery version of SimMom named Carol. See the teaser below:

Got this in email... looking forward to what sounds like a great new resource!

COMING SOON! SIM Scenario Exchange
Access and share best practice scenarios, assessment tools and templates with the healthcare simulation community.
In June 2014, SIM-one will launch the interprofessional SIM Scenario Exchange, an online resource that fosters collaboration amongst simulationists.
The SIM Scenario Exchange is an online repository of best practice scenarios across all simulation modalities, scenario development templates and learner assessment tools to use for evaluation or research. This free and innovative resource enables contributors to share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of simulation-based education and improvement of the healthcare system, while also receiving scholarly recognition for their contribution and work. All scenario contributors will have the option of having their scenario peer reviewed.
“The Exchange will be an incredible new way for simulationists to collaborate,” said Dr. Tim Willett, SIM-one’s Director of Research and Development. “It takes a lot of time and research to develop and validate a simulation scenario. The Exchange will be a means for educators to receive recognition for this work, and for others to access high-quality scenarios to expedite the integration of simulation into their curricula.”
The SIM Scenario Exchange was initiated through a project led by Queen’s University School of Nursing, involving 13 university schools of nursing, four colleges and SIM-one. The project was funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU). The scenarios developed as part of this project will be available through the SIM Scenario Exchange to all Ontario nursing faculty in May.

Cool video on the making and features of M.A.T.T. - Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer
(credit: Jeremy Babcock - Technical Lab Assistant at Queen's University)

CAE Healthcare has just announced its new recording system - Replay.

"Capture the action in stunning HD along with real-time annotations and patient data. Always on recording and advanced search - so you’ll never miss a moment for debrief. "

Watch the intro video below or check out their website for full details -

Tim Shea, Medical Operations Director, discusses "Moulage" as part of the North Dakota STAR program at the University of North Dakota Simulation Center.
ND STAR is a hands-on simulation training facility for multidisciplinary health care providers. The state-of-the art simulation facility offers a clinical setting where health care professionals can actively apply their knowledge in simulation, observation, and debriefing of real-life patient scenarios, with the goal of improving patient safety and care.

Note - I've added this video to the moulage section

you can never get them started too early...

baby cpr

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