Two new scenarios added...

Carl Rod, MS, RRT, RCP from the Rose State College RT Clinical Simulation Lab has donated two new scenarios (and possibly more to come) with a focus on teaching respiratory therapy students.

From his email:

"My goal in using scenario training and the use of manikins is to develop the critical thinking skills of the students.  I have to remind them that not all of them will end up in a major, tertiary/teaching hospital.  Many of the students in the program will most likely work in nursing homes or smaller community based facilities where the skills and knowledge they have will be relied on by the entire patient care team.  Hence the emphasis on learning to review information, ask for appropriate testing and develop the ability to make significant suggestions to the team on the provision of care.
To date, I have written two scenarios, which I run in branching mode, where they are “called” to respond to a patient in respiratory distress.  The basic scenarios are generic, but can be scripted to various situations and have a definitive decision tree."

You can go check them out in the scenario section (scroll to the bottom)

Thank you for the donation Carl - much appreciated!