newsletter - october 23, 2013

- Sorry for the lack of updates! I've recently moved and currently unemployed so I'm lacking on receiving simulation news, scenarios, etc...
Please donate content if you can... or let me know about any simulation opportunities in your area. I just might have to move again if sim doesn't work out in my area.

- I've added a few new toxicology scenarios to the scenario section 

- Have a minute to take a survey? I just received this: 

Dear National Simulation Summit Colleague,
You are being invited to participate in a non-experimental survey research study to test the reliability and validity of the Health Communication Tool (HCAT) developed by the investigators at Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut (USA) and The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC (Canada).  
The purpose of this study is to provide reliability and validity testing of a tool for assessing health communication by a health professional student in a simulated environment. Please forward the link to a faculty member at your school who is either teaching with and/or researching patient/clinical simulations, and is in the best position to watch a short video and complete the 22 item HCAT.
This link includes the invitation and informed consent letter:  
Thank you for your participation in this survey.
Michael Pagano, PA-C, Ph.D
Eileen O'Shea, DNP, CHPPN
Suzanne Campbell, Ph.D., RN, IBCLC, WHNP 

- Wow, the military is doing some cool sim stuff. Check out the video below: 

- Are you a healthcare student in Ontario? If so, check this out:

The application deadline for SIM-one's SIM Student Contest has been extended to October 31, 2013.
The SIM Student Contest was created to highlight the experiences of Ontario healthcare students who have used simulation to further develop their professional roles. The theme of this year's contest is, “How healthcare simulation transformed my learning”.
SIM-one encourages eligible Ontario undergraduate (or equivalent) health professions students to apply.
The recipient of the SIM Student Award will receive the following:
    A certificate
    Acknowledgement and dissemination of work on SIM-one media and at the 2013 SIM Expo on December 5 & 6 in Toronto
    Complimentary travel and accommodation to attend 2013 SIM Expo
    An opportunity to speak of experience and work at the 2013 SIM Expo
Click here for more information on the SIM Student Contest, including eligibility and application information. For additional information, please contact Edith Branco at

That's it for now... hopefully some new stuff soon, and please consider contributing some content!